Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is how we chill from '93 till.

i have the funnest friends. true story.

every year, Dubblock and Co. comes together for Thanksgiving to celebrate life, friendship, and drunken great times. We pick names for our annual Kris Kringle, we drink till we're belligerent, we take pictures till our batteries die, and I swear every year's shenanigans top the last. Dubblock holidays are always my favorite because its during the holidays that we remember just how ride or die its been and will be. If you have family, you have friends -- and if you have friends, you have a family. Real talk. Love these fuckers.

This is how we chill from '93 till.

Monday, November 16, 2009


So me Ness and Jay playin battle shits after the buffet.. I said to my self whoever is in da stall next to me is done.. Hahaha so I take a pic and send it directly to theBBm chat and all of a sudden Nestor is dyin.. I never laughed and sweated so much on a toilet in my life!! Hahaha
- FD
(can i just say that this pic is priceless. Jay, lets hope Mike dont get u for KK!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Potluck List

Main Dishes
Baked Salmon - Mike and Rach
Turkey - Ferlin
Roast Beef - Ro and Jassy
Chicken teriyaki - Janice and Julius
Fried Rice - Bertha.
Ham - Russel
Chinese food - Nestor
Pork BBQ - Cyrus Pat Boogs
Tops chicken - topper
pasta - dyna?
Side Dishes
Baked Macaroni - Mair
Potato Casserole - Vanessa (u like how u didnt even have to volunteer that one urself?)
stuffing - nic and fd
green bean casserold - nic and fd
Spinach Dip - Angel and Kit
crab cakes - justin junio
lumpia - ariel
avocado and mango dip - janice and julius
mini pigs in a blanket - janice and julius
candied yams - kyle

Mooncake - Mike and Rach
cookies and cream cookies - Mair (maybe)
fruit salad - nic and fd
cupcakes - cusi
double layer chocolate cake - Janice and Julius

sangria - cusi
sodas - angel and kit


HENN or Alcohol


It's November... About to be the best time of year. Here's some details about our holiday shitttttttt!

Friday, November 27
Anyone wanna offer their house for this one?
make sure to think about what u want for Christmas cuz we'll be picking names for the kris Kringle!

7 years strong!
Saturday, December 19 (does this date work for everyone?)
@ FD's house.
POTLUCK of course.. More deets ironed out during thanksgiving. =).
Start planning ur gag gifts.... Can't waiittt!!!!

Please reply n let us know what dish u'll be bringing to thanksgiving. Let's not have to order Chinese this time! Lol. Aaand again, we don't have a house for thanksgiving so let us know if urs is available!