Thursday, January 7, 2010


OFFICIAL WEIGH-INS are done! we are at TWENTY players, making the pot an astounding $1000. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.!!!!!!!!!
ladies and gents, i present to you your competitors!!!

Fermin "Run Fatboy Run" Ballesteros
Kyle "I do MMA, not Sumo" Rideau
Anthony "Gonna be Skinnier than my Brother" Ballesteros
Mike "No, I'm not Samoan" Brito
Jason "Rick Ross" Pulido
Topper "No More Burritos" Montes
Duane "30 is the new 20" Ramos
Rachel "Eye of the Cougar" Brito
Vanessa "Chicharones" Romera
Queenie "I can't No More Eat" Magsakay
Ferlin "Will be The Skinny Ballesteros" Ballesteros
Nicole "White Girls FTW" Paulsen
Dyna "Fuck the Baby Weight" Ramos
Mair "I make the best cookies" Manela
Lauren "Mrs. Cullen" Antonio
Brian "Biggest Bertha" Velasquez
Boogz "I have Stretch Marks" Ramos
Jon Boy "I'm a Marine" Pulido
Justin "Tantaran" Junio
Anthony "Alcohol Has No Carbs" SI

Challenge officially starts this Sunday, January 10. Next weigh in is January 24!... remember! all side bets to be placed and entry fees will be collected no later than Superbowl Sunday, February 7 (which is also weigh in #2)

and just to keep shit interesting, the winner of each weigh-in will get a lil somethin' somethin' so STAY MOTIVATED!!

Who will reign supreme? Will it be FD, the incredible shrinking man? But Jay's already proven he can lose weight FAST (circa 2003). Will Mike Brito "hoo-yeah' his way to victory or will Duane make 30 look like 17? Watch out and stay tuned for the skinny, yo.

LETS DO WORK! catch u guys at the gym..

Monday, January 4, 2010


Think like the TV show, but brought into our real lives. With the Start of 2010, we all have different goals... Some of us have a little to lose, some a little more. But we are all here to help encourage and motivate each other to reach those healthy goals!

What: This is a 15 week individual weight-loss contest. The purpose of the contest is to be healthy and (of course) look good by the time summer comes around.
When: Initial weigh-in is on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6. The contest officially starts on January 10 and ends APRIL 25 ... Just in time for our Dubb Summer Kick Off! (and kickball!)
How to win: This contest is based on percentage lost, not pounds lost. The winner will be determined at the official final weigh-in. The final weigh-in will be on April 25
Winnings: BL contestant entry fee is $50. Skinny people's side bet entry fee is $25. Winner takes all. (Entry fee is due by Sunday, February 7, Superbowl Sunday)
"Skinny People Side Bet" -- Skinny People have a chance to participate too in a side bet. The Skinny people pick a "fat" person to coach and motivate. Should their "fat" person win, they take home the side pot.

All BL correspondence will go up on the blog. Weigh Ins will be EVERY OTHER SUNDAY and the top three names will be placed on the blog.

Are you strong enough to take the challenge? Or will you let the rolls, double chins, and fat jokes take over ur life? Diabetes vs Diet Cokes. The Battle of the Buldge continues...The choice is up to you...