Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Plan on leaving SF Saturday morning, check in at the cabin is at 4 pm. Check out on Monday is at 10 am.

To make shit fair, and so one person isn't stuck with cooking duties for the entire weekend, everyone is assigned to a meal -- see below. Between the 5 of you, please provide enough food to feed the 20 of us! Bring your own alcohol tho!!!

DO I SMELL AN IRON CHEF CHALLENGE? Please be advised, weigh in will be AT THE CABIN!

Saturday Dinner - Ro, Jas, Ariel, Pat, SI
Sunday Breakfast - Q, FD, Nicole, Cusi, Boogz
Sunday Lunch - on slopes! is anyone coming and not boarding?
Sunday Dinner - Jay, Rach, Dyna, Topper, Baning
Monday Breakfast - Ferlin, Lauren, Jonboy, Cat, Harry
Snacks, drinks, and utinsels - Ed, Gis, Brian, Mair, Justin, Russ

As for the ride situation -- our cabin is allowed 4 cars total. 2 in the driveway, 2 in the garages. IF its not snowing and a plow does not need to come, there will be street parking available. However, if its dumpin, no street parking will be allowed.
Car 1 - Ro, Jas, SI, Dyna, Topper
Car 2 - Ferl, Lauren, FD, Nicole, Ariel
Car 3 - Rach, Mike, Queenie, Cusi, Boogz, Cat, Harry
Car 4 - Ed, Gis, Baning, Pat, Russell (one night only)
need rides for Jason, Jon Boy, Mair, Justin,

yeahhh idk how we're all gonna fit. lol. lets pray the streets don't need plowing.

ok, this should be the last email i have for the day, i promise. don't forget! $70 heavenly lift tickets available at LUCKY'S!